Making Raised Beds That Really Work

Saturday October 17  1-2:30

raised beds are a boon to anyone who can't or won't get down on the ground and can be placed anywhere regardless of the soil quality (or no soil at all) below the bed...But...

a lot of raised beds don't thrive and produce, especially after the first year. Raised beds are different from in ground garden beds, and thee are techbiquestaht will assure your success once you put them into practice.

​Developing Healthy Soil

Saturday October 3rd  1-2:30

This is the most important step and everyone needs some basic information. We'l look at soil tests, soil amendments, composts, cover crops,- what goes on when and why. Developing soils grows healthy plants and healthy people too!! This is the workshop that frames the rest of the discussions

Gardner Agway​​

All our workshops and seminars are free, but we ask you to call and reserve a spot so we have a chair for you. If less than 10 people sign up for workshop it will be cancelled.          978-632-0991 or 1-800-342-4929

​Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all classes are limited to 20 people. Classes will be outside so we can keep safe distances. If it rains, class will be in our greenhouse.

Wildflowers and Native Plants

Saturday, October 10  1-2:30

Everyone loves looking at a meadow in bloom- and so do he birds, bees, and butterflies! Learn how to select what will work best for your yard and your smallest neighbors.Do you know what is the first plant the bee feeds on in the spring, or the last in the fall? Learn how tho add them to your yard for your pleasure and theirs!