Starting Seeds

Saturday February 4th 1-2:30

Getting seeds started right. We'll look at the use of heat tapes, humidity domes, seed inoculants, and hardening off. Just like with babies of all kinds, the first few weeks are critical to long term strength.

​Developing Healthy Soil

Saturday February 18th 1-2:30

Developing healthy soils to grow healthy plants ( and healthy people too!) Soil tests ,soil amendments, composts, cover crops - what goes on when and why.

​Growing Great Vegetables

Saturday April 1st  1-2:30

Home grown vegetables can't be beat. You pick the varieties that best suit your family and invest the time and energy to grow the harvest. There are some tricks that can make you much more successful. You might evenn be able to store some for the winter _ nothing like your own tomato sauce for holiday feasting - never mind pesto in mid January!

​Garden Planning for 2017  Jan 28


Inntroduction to basic garden site analysis and personal gardening needs-or can I grow what I want to grow and where I want it to grow it?? We will use seed catalogs and other resources to decide what will work in your garden as well as what varieties will will work best for you.

Atmospheric Carbon and your Garden

Saturday March 4th  1-2:30

You have heard about carbon sequestration - it is needed to help pull extra carbon out of the air. Your gardening skills can help to make your yard and garden into a carbon sink rather than a carbon emitter. Sound like a tall order?? You can do it! And your yard can look GREAT while you do.

Growing Great Color

Saturday March 25th 1-2:30

Color makes both the world and the garden go round. It's a feast for human eyes and helps to bring in all sorts of creatures (98% are beneficial!) that help to make the ecology in your yard really work. Annuals,perennials- all have a place. Come and learn how to make the best of your color dollars.

Garden Maintenance

Saturday  June 24th 1-2:30

How many times have you seen your garden weaken and fail just as the garden should be at its spectacular best? Learn now what it takes to keep the garden growing well and producing through the season. Includes fertilizing, weeding/mulching, disease and insect management.

Gardner Agway​​

All our workshops and seminars are free, but we ask you to call and reserve a spot so we have a chair for you. If less than 10 people sign up for workshop it will be cancelled.          978-632-0991 or 1-800-342-4929

​Container Growing

Saturday April 22nd

Hands - on. All sorts of plants can be grown in containers _ even corn and carrots! Learn about soil mixes and fertilizer support needed for successful - not to mention spectacular - container gardens. This workshop is held outside. You will be planting a small container. Please wear cothing suitable for weather conditions. Also bring a pair of work gloves if you wear them.

Growing Fruits & Berries​

​Saturday March 18th 1-2:30

Do you want to have youre own fresh blueberries, raspberries, apples, peaches, and pears? How about rhubarb? Fruits and berries take a bit of stratigizingto make it all work. Find out what some of the tricks are and how you can manage the plants for the best harvest.