Garden Maintenance

Saturday  June 24th 1-2:30

How many times have you seen your garden weaken and fail just as the garden should be at its spectacular best? Learn now what it takes to keep the garden growing well and producing through the season. Includes fertilizing, weeding/mulching, disease and insect management.

​Making Raised Bed Gardens           That Really Work

March 23rd 1-2:30

Raised beds are really a boon to anyone who can't or won't get down on the ground and can be placed anywhere regardless of soil quality ( or no soil at all) below the bed. But, a lot of raised beds don't thrive 

and produce. There are trick that will assure your success and that you can easily put into practice.

Managing for Insects, Disease, and                    Weed Control

March 30th   1-2:30

Did you know a leaf brix reading of 12 means your plants won't get insects or diseases so you won't need pesticides? And what the heck is a brix reading anyway???

Learn how to use a refractometer and some tricks hat can make you much more successful in raising healthy plants. Bonus - if you get this right, you won't believe the color and flavor you'll find in your garden!

All our workshops and seminars are free, but we ask you to call and reserve a spot so we have a chair for you. If less than 10 people sign up for workshop it will be cancelled.          978-632-0991 or 1-800-342-4929

Gardner Agway​​

Getting Started Right

Feb 16th 1-2:30

A quick look at good garden design, where to put all kinds of plants and how to manage weather drama. Then we'll move on choosing between seeds (getting them started well) ad plants (picking out packs and pots)

​Developing Healthy Soil

Saturday March 9th 1-2:30

This is the most important step and everyone needs some basic information. We'l look at soil tests, soil amendments, composts, cover crops,- what goes on when and why. Developing soils grows healthy plants and healthy people too!! This is the workshop that frames the rest of the discussions

​Container Growing

Saturday April 27th

Hands - on. All sorts of plants can be grown in containers _ even corn and carrots! Learn about soil mixes and fertilizer support needed for successful - not to mention spectacular - container gardens. This workshop is held outside. You will be planting a small container. Please wear cothing suitable for weather conditions. Also bring a pair of work gloves if you wear them.

Developing a Wildflower Meadow

For the Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

​March 16th 1-2:30

Colorful meadow flowers can make both the garden and the world go 'round. It's a feast for human eyes and helps the 3 Bs thrive. The healthier and more diverse your flowers are, the stronger the bees and butterflies will be. But - meadows don't just happen. Annuals , perennials,natives and exotics all have a place. Come and learn how to make the best of your color dollars!