The Ideal 236 is a breed cross layer developed by Ideal Poultry in the 1960's and is the most productive, efficient layer sold by Ideal. This breed cross has excellent hybred vigor, which takes advantage of the specific combinability involving a combination of 3 strains of White Leghorns and a white egg barred breed cross. The specific combination of strains/breeds has produced a bird with excellent livability and the ability to lay for a long period of time without moulting.

The mature weight of Ideal 236 hens is 4.5 lbs. which is heavier than most commercial layers.Type your paragraph here.

Black Sex Links are a breed cross using Rhode Island Red males and Barred Plymouth Rock females. The male chicks have a white spot on the top of their heads and can be separated from the solid black female chicks when they hatch. This cross, which is used in commercial layer operations, is an efficient producer of large brown eggs. They have excellent livability, and hens from this cross weigh about 5 1/2 lbs. and can be salvaged for fowl meat when their use for laying is over. 

​Rhode Island Reds are an old time, well-known American breed, which was developed in the state of Rhode Island. A distinct characteristic of this breed is their horizontal, oblong body, which is deep, broad and long, sometimes described as "brick shaped". They are an excellent dual-purpose bird that efficiently produces large brown eggs. From the time they are chicks until maturity they may have white on the wing tips, but when they are fully matured they should not have any white feathers.

Standard weights at maturity are males-8 1/2 lbs. and hens-6 1/2 lbs.

Black Australorps are one of the most popular producers of large brown eggs and they are known for persistency of lay even in hot weather. The green sheen of this solid black plumage bird presents a truly beautiful sight, particularly when the sun is reflecting off the plumage.

Standard weights at maturity are males-8 1/2 lbs. and hens-5 1/2 lbs.

Light Brahmas.  One of the most attractive birds with their stately massive bodies. Slow growing birds that lay a large brown egg. Great livability in cold weather. Brahma hens can weigh up to 9lbs 

Buff Orpingtons, which have rich golden buff plumage are a popular brown egg dual-purpose variety and are sometimes called "Big Buffs". Because they are loosely feathered, they appear to be much heavier than their true weights. The feathers are broad and smooth fitting on the deep body of this breed. They have a quiet disposition, make excellent mothers and are one of the most broody of all standard breeds. They have white skin, which is an appearance disadvantage when fowl meat is produced.
Standard weights at maturity are males-10 lbs. and hens-8 lbs.

Gardner Agway​​

Guinea Hens Hatchery mix. A mix of pearl, pied, white, and lavender. Great for free ranging for tick foraging. Straight run only.


Ameraucanas, known as the "Easter Egg Breed", are a multicolored breed. They have beards, muffs and a normal tail with a tail head. They are often incorrectly called Araucanas, which have ear tuffs, are rumpless, and do not have a tail head which gives them a bunny tail appearance. Most of the chicks sold as Araucanas are really Ameraucanas, which are excellent, efficient producers of large eggs of many colors and shades including blue and green.
Standard weights at maturity are males-5 lbs. and hens-4 lbs

Silver Laced Wyandottes, which originated in Wisconsin are known as a docile, good producer of brown eggs. They are a hardy, active, medium weight, dual-purpose variety that is used for production of both meat and eggs. The chicks do not grow as fast as some of the other dual-purpose breeds and therefore, are a poor choice for producing broiler meat. Their unusual, attractive plumage color pattern and docile nature are characteristics that are making this variety more popular each year.

Standard weights at maturity are males-8 1/2 lbs. and hens-6 1/2 lbs.Type your paragraph here.

Hatchery choice of a mix of pure bred Bantams. Straight run only. Males weigh about 32oz and females about 28oz 

Crested Assortment include a mix of Polish Crested (asst colors), Sultans (white), Mottled Houdans (black & White Speckled) Crevecoeurs (Black). All these breeds lay med-small white eggs. Great birds to add diversity and color to your flock! Straight run only. Mals weigh about 5lbs and females 4lbs

Barred Plymouth Rocks are one of America's oldest and most popular breeds. All of their plumage is black and white barred which is the result of the barred (B) gene. Because males are the homozygous sex, they have two barred alleles (BB) and are therefore lighter in color than the females, which are the heterogametic sex and have only one barred allele(B_). They are an excellent dual purpose breed, known for their efficient production of large brown eggs.
Standard weights at maturity are males-9 1/2 lbs. and hens-6 lbs